November 17, 2008


I saw a good movie last night. It's a documentary called "Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme". "Freestyle" is a type of rap where you spontaneously make up a rap. The lines can't just rhyme, they have to flow logically and make sense. And you can't pre-write any of it; it has to be spontaneous. Try it sometime, it's hard! I think it could be a good songwriting exercise even for songwriters who don't write in the hip-hop style.

Rent the movie. I got it on Netflix. It's amazing the stuff these guys come up with on the spot.



Anonymous said...

If I were smart
I would think up a rhyme
To post on your blog
In record time

I think it would be cool
To spew something out
To make the girls drool
To make the girls shout

But I find I'm at a lost
About what to do
My meter is bogus
My rhymes are too

-DJ Lost Cause

Rob Roper said...

I just saw the movie "8 MIle". You probably heard about it, starring Eminem. Good movie, better than I expected. About free-styling and "battles" in mid 90's Detroit. Watch the extra on the DVD about battles.