March 7, 2010

I Need to Get Better

This is a reply to myself in the previous blog, "What Happened to Built-in Crowds". (This is nothing new, I argue with myself all the time).

I need to get better. I need to sing better, I need to play guitar better, I need to compose better music, I need to write better lyrics.

Marketing and promotion can only help if you're good. At something. Maybe you're not a great singer, but people will come hear you if you're a good guitar player or songwriter. Maybe you're not a good guitar player, but people will come hear you if you're a good singer.

If you're just average, and not really good at anything, your friends will come see you-- for awhile. But to win fans you have to be good, at something.

If you're good, people will open doors for you. They'll tell their friends about you-- "You have to hear this!" Other musicians will invite you to open for them at a gig. The word will get around. That's more important that the best website, the best MySpace or Facebook sites, Twitter, emails, etc.

Of course if you are good, then the-above mentioned promotional tools can really help.

It's hard to evaluate oneself, but I think I'm a decent guitar player, a decent songwriter, and a below-average singer. So I'm taking singing lessons to improve my singing. But I also think I need to improve my musicianship and composing.

I'm going to spend less time on promotion and more time getting better. I want to hear rumors of people emailing their friends saying, "you've got to hear this guy Rob Roper". I want to hear other bands or singer-songwriters approach me and say, "Your music is important, I want to help turn people on to you. Will you open for me next month?" When I hear those sort of things, I'll know I'm good.



Rob Roper said...

One more thing... the message here is not negative; it's not low self-esteem, I suck and will never make it. Just the opposite. I know I *can* get better in all facets of my music. I *can* create music that will move people and make a difference... if I put the time in.

So goodbye Facebook, hello guitar.


DP said...

Hey~thanks for opening up and writing about the stuff you write about. i'm a bit like you and struggle with a lot of the same stuff so it's good to find a blog like yours. cheers. rock on.

martina said...

Hello! Congrats for posting this such very joyful post. I really admire your generosity for sharing this. Thanks for sharing!


martina said...

I have always enjoyed your music and appreciate your ability to capture so many feelings and aspects of life and incorporate scripture.

Excellent post.

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