August 8, 2011

New Song: "Enviro Song"

It seems I ease back into songwriting by writing goofy songs. See my blog from way back when called something like "The Solution to Writer's Block: Don't Care".

Enviro Song or The Last Generation
(not sure about the title yet)
by Rob Roper 2nd Draft July 4, 2011

The earth is not so hardy, and
efforts to save it are way too tardy, so
Let's have a party.

There's a big hole in the sky
caused by all the cars we drive, so
Let's all get high.

The scientists say we're on the brink, and
pretty soon we'll be extinct, so
Let's have a drink.

Some say it's not as bad as it seems
But they're being paid by the oil companies.

Hey there pretty lady
the world is dying and we can't save it, so
Let's get naked.

Unless there's some weird mutation
we're gonna be the last generation, so
Let's have a libation.

The animals will be glad to see us go
Except maybe for Fluffy and Fido

(Repeat 1st Verse)

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