July 31, 2014

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Rob Roper

July 29, 2014

Disconnected (new song)

© Rob Roper  2014

I went for a walk
just to sort things out
but the trees weren't talking
and the robins wouldn't sing
Feeling disconnected
memories washed away
There's nothing left here
I got no reason to stay.

They say dreams are for fools
so pour me a dream
There's a strange feeling
crawling up my skin
Like a lake in a desert
I'm probably chasing a mirage
But I won't let them put a ceiling
A ceiling on my thoughts.

    Walking the edge between
    destitute and free
    Let the consequences
    be what they be

Get in the basket
cut the rope on the balloon
and I'll meet you on
meet you on
the southside of the moon.

DNA (poem)

by Rob Roper  July, 2014

it was just a test
to see how much I could take
before I would break

Released from my stay
because of DNA
now I'm free
out the door

a creature of routine
no more.

January 16, 2014

Love Song Clichès  (A Poem)
by Rob Roper  January 16, 2014

I want to write a love song for you.
But what would I say?

I would tell you
that I love you
like the stars above
stars are suns
and they're really hot.
So that would be telling you
that I want you to burn up
and die
which is
hardly romantic.

I would tell you that
as long as the sun is shining
I will always love you
I'll die
long before the sun stops shining.
You will, too.
So that would be a lie
and you probably don't want a liar
for a boyfriend.

    Yes, there could be a hereafter
    in which case
    I could love you
    for as long as the sun is shining
    but the hereafter is just a theory
    and you don't want promises
    based on mere theories
    do you?

I would tell you
that my love is
as deep as the ocean
but you would drown down there
so that sounds like a threat
and you might have me arrested.

Let's just forget about it.